Kipp & Zonen has been engaged in the manufacture of radiation meters for more than 70 years. Low range. CMP series of general radiation meters (shortwave radiation sensors, capable of meeting different requirements in different fields. CMP series products meet the international standards of ISO9060 and IEC60904, and have been widely used in various scientific research projects of the International Meteorological Organization (WMO)), By the consistent recognition and praise.

CMP series products can be applied to the vast environment from polar to desert. They are widely used in meteorological observation, solar energy research, global climate research, material testing, architecture, greenhouse monitoring and many other fields.

The CMP series consists of six models, CMP 3, CMP 6, CMP 10 / CMP 11, CMP 21, CMP 22, which can meet the needs of routine applications to professional scientific research. CMP3 is a "entry-level" product of the CMP series. It is small in size, light in weight, and easy to install. The high quality 4mm protective cover and fully sealed design enable the internal thermocouple to avoid the impact of the external environment and work under water. CMP 6 is similar to the CMP3. But with a higher heat capacity and a double-layer glass shield. CMP 10 / CMP 11 has a higher quality glass cover, a higher temperature correction accuracy for temperature changes, faster response speed, higher accuracy, CMP 21 can meet higher application requirements similar to CMP10/CMP11, but the table itself has an independent temperature compensator. The data can be compensated. CMP 22 is replaced with the highest quality protective cover on the basis of CMP21, with greater spectral range and higher accuracy. Stability. CMP 3 shape size is small, other radiation meter size is the same.