Size: 22mx15m
Illumination area: 20mx20m
Spectral range: 300nmm-2000nm;
Irradiance: 37 W / L between 600 nm and 700 nm,
The irradiance between 965nm-995nm is not less than 5W / L;
Shadow requirement: the irradiance ratio between the illuminated area and the shadow area is greater than 9: 1;
The quasi-right angle of light source is better than ±15 °;
The inhomogeneity of irradiation in the range of 10 m × 10 m is better than ±15;
Light coverage area: ≥ 20m × 20m;
The height angle of the illumination direction is 30 °, which is adjustable in the range of 15 °-45 °;
The instability of irradiation was better than ±5 in 2 hours.