Technical parameters:
Radiation energy level: the maximum radiation energy is 1120W / L, which can be divided into 1120W / L 840W / 560W / L / 280W / L, and the radiance can be transferred to any of the fourth shift according to the adjustment;
Light source: use imported short-arc xenon lamp;
Work distance: 1100mm
Irradiation area: not less than 800 × 800mm;
Radiation uniformity: ±20%
Light source stability: better than ±3%
Power supply: AC380V 50HZ
Equipped with imported radiation intensity recorder, the measurement spectrum range is not less than 300 nm or 2800nm, indicating that the measuring error is not greater than ±5;
The cooling speed is not less than 6 m / s, and the anode temperature of xenon arc lamp is not higher than 200 ℃.

Product features:
Simple operation:
Easy to use;
Safe and reliable:
Xenon lamp independent light source, composed of matrix structure, the number, position and strength can be flexibly adjusted;
Random combination of irradiation area and uniformity;
Equipped with temperature monitoring and leakage protection device to ensure the stability of the system.