The CHP1 Direct radiation Meter (CHP1) is a product of Kipp & Zonen, which fully complies with the relevant standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Meteorological Organization (WMO). Each CHP1 is calibrated when it leaves the factory. A calibration certificate traceable to the WRR(World Radiometric reference is attached.
CHP1 can measure all solar radiation at the wavelength of 200,000nm. The high quality mechanical structure makes the installation and maintenance of the instrument very convenient. CHP1 is standardized with PT-100 platinum resistor and 10k thermocouple sensor. For temperature correction. It can be easily installed on all models of solar tracker produced by Kipp & Zonen.
Excellent design, excellent manufacturing technology and excellent performance make CHP1 an ideal high-precision instrument for measuring solar direct radiation.
Main performance parameters:
Reaction time: 5 seconds
Temperature shift: ±1W / m2 / 5k / h)
Annual error: ±0.5 / year
Linear error: ±0.2%
Temperature dependence: ±0.5% -20 ℃)
Sensitivity: 7 / 14 μ V / W / m ~ 2
Impedance 10: 100
Working temperature: 80 ℃
Spectral wavelength: 200m 4000nm
Signal output: 0 to 15mV
Maximum radiation intensity: 4 000 W / m 2
Omnidirectional perspective: 5 ±0.2
Slope angle: 1 ±0.2
Tracking error: ±0.5
Weight 1 kg