Since its establishment, according to the needs of the market and business development, the company has successively set up Hebei Tianwei head office, Beijing Tianwei Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Tien for daylight simulation studio, and business scope for radiation to Beijing and Tianjin. Shanghai and Hebei region. The company has more than 35 employees, among them, with college degree or above account for 8510, the personnel quality is high and professional level is wide. And with Beijing University of Technology and other well-known colleges and professors have technical cooperation.
    The company pays attention to the cultivation of talents, has gradually established and improved a set of scientific management experience and high-quality professional talent team, in the spirit of "innovation, challenge, dedication" enterprise spirit and "first-class products, first-class technology," The promise of "first-class service", joint efforts, sincere cooperation, in recent years undertake dozens of projects, many of which are key projects. While creating good economic and social benefits, the company has also set up a valuable corporate image. Has won the user's widespread trust and the high praise.
We will be excellent quality to win trust in the majority of customers, the value of service dedication to the majority of users.